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You might be wondering what makes this blender so special when there are so many others on the market right now. That is a perfectly acceptable question and one that will be easily answered when you see just what this machine is capable of. Save money with coupon code 2017 today. This discount valid for July 2017.


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Why Choose This?

Everyone wants to be able to use time saving products that can make their life a whole lot easier. Where would we be without a kettle for example? When it comes to cooking there seems to have been a gadget invented for almost every purpose.

Some of these are useful and are permanently on the counter top, others are a flash in the pan and get hidden at the back of a cupboard after a few weeks. But the one product that seems to be a mainstay in most kitchens is the blender. With the rise in popularity of smoothies and other healthy, this made drinks and snacks more people are looking for a product that can cope with their demands.

Below is video about how powerful Blendtec is. It will blend your iPhone too.


So if you have coupon you could be getting money of a product that has five pre programmed settings which are:

  • Batter – for creating savoury and sweet batters that friends and family will love.
  • Smoothie – make your own healthy and nutritious smoothies at home and save money on the cost of shop bought versions.
  • Ice cream – what is more satisfying than your own homemade ice cream on a hot day?
  • Whole juice – don’t let any of the goodness of fruit get away with this setting.
  • Soup – do you want a quick and easy snack? Fill up with ingredients, push the soup button and wait for a few seconds. Once it is done heat and eat!

There is also a pulse setting that you can use to chop and blend vegetables, fruits, ice and anything else you can think of. Add to this a choice of speeds and a tough motor and you can see why people are raring to get their hands on coupons to make a saving.

In addition to this the fact that all of the models have a seven year guarantee, apart from the Tom Dickson model which has an impressive 10 year guarantee, makes them a wise choice in the kitchen. So if you are serious about your food and you want a product that is capable of blending, mixing batter and so much more this is for you.

Take Advantage of the Sale

A high quality product like this often comes with a high price tag to match but thanks to the sale, which you can take advantage of with a coupon you don’t have to worry. When you use promo code 2015 you will be getting a discount off a premium product that is second to none. You will get $120 OFF guaranteed and also free shipping and 7 year warranty too.

You will need to place an order but not need to enter the code when you get to the checkout. You will be getting money off the deal.

Where Can I Buy?

The very best place to get your very own Blendtec is to click image above and use discount. By doing this you will be able to take a look at the full range of products that are available to you. Currently there are five different models to choose from and these are: the Classic Series, the Signature Series, the Designer Series, the Professional Series and the Tom Dickson Extreme. Also they also make Kitchen Mill too for grill grains. And you can consider wildside jar for better blending experience.

The model that you choose will depend on your own particular needs. For instance if you want that has 10 speeds and a 1560 watt motor for use in the home the Classic Series is ideal. If you need a super powerful 2400 Watt motor, 25 blend cycles and lots of added extras the Tom Dickson Extreme is for you.

Buying online means you can check out the whole range at your leisure and you won’t be pushed into making a purchase. It is a simple and convenient way to shop and as you can make use of deals and offers you have even more reasons to smile.

A Healthy You, A Healthy Bank Balance!

If you want to change your eating habits and create a healthy new you a good blending machine is a good place to start. With it you will be able to create mouth watering dishes that are packed full of goodness and nutrition. So if you have been relying on premade soups, smoothies, juices and even crushed ice you can do yourself and your bank balance a favor and choose this brand.

Make sure that you use deal which can be redeemed against your purchase so you can save even more money. Then sit back and wait for your kitchen revolution to arrive and before you know it you will be blending up a storm.

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