Blendtec Total Blender Classic Wildside Review

Blendtec Classic Wildside Blender

Buying products for the kitchen isn’t something that you do every day, which is why if you need a blender you need to take a look at the Blendtec Classic Blender. This is a product that is not only powerful but incredibly high quality. All of the products from Blendtec are made at a factory in Utah and like the Blendtec Classic they all come with a 7 year warranty.

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With a choice of different blending cycles that will do the job of several other appliances, specially patented jars and spatulas you know you are in safe hands with this product.

Blendtec Classic – Power at Your Fingertips


New Blendtec Classic Wildside

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to create dressings, bread dough, soups, shakes and more and having a low wattage blender. Trying to get good results from a product that is substandard means you will get lumpy blends or segments of ingredients floating around. No one wants to put up with this when they are cooking. If you use the Blendtec Total Classic these frustrations will be a thing of the past. With it you will have an impressive 1560 watts of power right at your fingertips.

This product is exactly what you need in your kitchen and as it has a total of 6 different cycles to choose from you can make a huge range of snacks and drinks. Each cycle has its own rate of operation which will begin quickly and start to slow down as the cycle nears the end. Being able to push a button and get the blend you want means no more turning the blender on and off – something that you have to do with a lot of the lower quality products out there.

Compatible Jars

At Blendtec the makers know that no one wants to have to own more than one blender to get various results. This is why the Blendtec Classic Total Blender, like all of the other blenders in the range, are fully compatible with all the different types of jars that are available to buy. Each blender comes with its own jar which will either be the Wildside or the Fourside. So let’s look a little closer at these jars and the differences between them all:

The Blendtec Classic Wildside has five sides in its unique design which helps you to blend it even faster than before. As the ingredients hit the five sides they are trapped in a vortex which carries them toward the blade. No more uneven blended shakes, soups or dips with this jar. If you are looking for faster blending than ever before, this is the jar that will do it for you.

The Blendtec Classic Fourside has, as you would think four sides. It has a generous 32 fluid ounce capacity even though it is much shorter than many other similar competitors jars. The single wingtip blade is sharp and will cut through anything that you want to blend with ease.

The Twister is the jar that you need when you want to blend extra thick recipes. You operate the twisting action so you can get the perfect blend each and every time.

If you want to try out two of these jars the Blendtec Classic Combo is perfect. As well as the blender you also get an extra jar. The jars that are included in this combo are the Wildside and the Fourside. So between them you can make anything you like in your kitchen.


  • A powerful 1560 watt motor which can cut through ice as easily as soft fruit.
  • A Wildside, Fourside or both jars are included in the pack, depending on which version you opt for.
  • Commercial quality blending from a product that is made for home use. If you have ever used a blender in a restaurant kitchen you will know what they are capable of. With the Blendtec you get restaurant quality appliances at a price that fits in with a home budget.
  • Blend cycles that are all clearly shown on the display using different icons. One push will start the cycle which will run until it has finished. You don’t have to touch the blender at any time while it is in operation. So no more holding onto your blender and shaking it from side to side to get it to work more efficiently.
  • A new larger blade combined with a large jar creates faster blends than ever before.

Who Buys the Classic?

As mentioned this might be a commercial quality product but it is aimed at the home chef. It will last for years and has a seven year warranty for added peace of mind. Buy Blendtec Classic wildside with coupon code to get discount price. It is incredibly durable and thanks to the powerful motor it will not lose any of its speed even during longer blends. In other words anyone who is looking for a top class blender from a manufacturer they can trust will want to buy the Classic.


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