Blendtec Designer Series Review With Coupon Code

Blendtec Designer Series

Blending is taken to the next level with the Blendtec Designer Series which is one of the amazing ranges of blenders from this brand. It is a product that is perfect for use in the home, even though it has the kind of motor that would be more commonly associated with any commercial product. As a result it is ideal for any task that you set it from making soups to crushing ice.

Blendtec Designer Series Blenders


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If you are interested in the Blendtec Designer Series blender you will notice that it not only functional it is attractive too. Choose the colour of the blender base or why not go for the Champagne Metallic version that looks stylish and elegant? It doesn’t matter which type of Blendtec Designer Series Wildside you go for, they all have exactly the same power output and capabilities.

What is so Special about them?

Until you read a Blendtec Designer Series review or check out what this model can do you probably won’t know just what this machine is capable of. You need to keep in mind that each and every component of this blender has been defined and redefined in order to create the perfect blender. The cycles have been created to give you the freedom of being able to get on with other tasks while the blender is in use.

So what else is so special about this blender?

  • It features easy to read icons for each blend cycle, to operate one simply push the button and the blender will do its thing. Once the cycle has come to an end you can remove the jar and pour.
  • For those times when you need to give a blend a little more time you can use the speed slider on the base until. Put your finger anywhere on it and the speed will increase or decrease, depending on where you position it.
  • It has an airflow design that will prevent it from becoming overheated during use. Keeping cool also means that the blender will have a longer life thanks to a cool motor.
  • Everyone knows how messy it can be when you are using a blender and Blendtec have thought about this. The motor base is smooth with sealed icon buttons while the top features a touch area that is also sealed. So to clean up after you have used simply wipe a damp cloth all over the base.
  • An impressive 1560 W motor which is not only incredibly powerful, but also very durable for a longer lasting blender.
  • With this blender you can do the jobs of several other kitchen appliances including – a latte machine, bread mixer, whole juicer, grain mill, ice cream maker and more. With all of these features it is no wonder that the Blendtec Designer Series red version as well as all others are taking over kitchens right now.
  • The Designer Series comes with the Wildside jar as part of the pack. You can use the Twister or the Fourside jar with this base as all are compatible with Blendtec blenders.

What can be made with this blender?

It is easy to say what can’t be made with this impressive blender. The icons which are shown on the base are:

Batters – whenever you want a sweet or savoury battery you can whip one up in seconds.

Ice crush – be able to keep cool when it is hot or be a hit at drinks parties by crushing ice like a pro.

Smoothie – if you drink shop bought smoothies you will know just how expensive they are. You will also not realise what has gone into them in terms of sugar content. To make sure you are having the healthiest smoothies make them yourself.

Ice cream – use the blender to get your ice cream mix ready for freezing. Just pop the ingredients in and set the cycle and you’re done.

Whole juice – wake up each day to a freshly made whole juice. This is one function that the whole family will be keen to try out.

Soups – it doesn’t matter what your favourite flavour is, you will be able to make it using the soup icon. You can make them as thick or as thin as you wish, the Blendtec can easily cope with what you throw at it.

Where can I buy one?

To get the Blendtec Designer Series best price you will need to shop online. Get best price and free shipping at image or link above. You will be able to view each of the models that you are interested in and decide which would be the best for your home. Buying online also means you can make use of any coupons that will give you money off the total price of buying a new blender.

Another reason for online shopping is that you know you are getting the branded product as shown and not some copied version. If you want the best power and performance you need to choose one of the best brands around – Blendtec!


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