Blendtec Twister Jar Best Review With Promo Code

Blenders are one of the most useful kitchen items, if you know how to make the most of them. If you have already seen the amazing properties of this you will understand just how versatile they are. Not only are these incredibly powerful, vehicle with promo a seven-year warranty and a variety of different blending cycles. There are several different types of this machine and jars that you can find for the home and the Twister Jar is one of them. Read some review below.


Blendtec Twister Jar Best Prices



What makes it so Special?

All of the jars that come with Blendtec units can be used on any model and the Twister is no different. Convenience like this is ideal if you want to use a blender base and your own choice of jar to get the result you want. So what exactly is it that makes this jar so special?

  • The Twister was created for making some of the thickest blends and recipes around. So if you love dips, thick shakes and soups, you want to make baby food, hummus or even nut butters you will be able to do so at the flick of a switch.
  • You control the twisting action to create a blend to your exact case. Later on we’ll explain how you use the Twister.
  • The jar has a capacity of 16fl oz which is ideal for shakes and soups in single or double servings.
  • It comes with a mini Gripper lid which will prevent hot air or liquid from escaping from the jar thanks to in built vents. To add more liquid to the blend you can simply open the center of the jar and pour in – no more having to take the full lid off to add more ingredients.

Benefits of using Blendtec

Apart from all of the features that have been mentioned you will find the following benefits of using the product:

  • Creating a massive choice of food and drinks has never been so easy. With this you can rustle up a soup ready to heat and eat in moments. If you need more dips at a party the Twister can handle it.
  • The jar is easy to clean as it has smooth sides and single cutting blade.
  • When you take advantage of a Twister jar sale you will get a high quality product that has been built to last for years. In fact the makers of this jar are so confident that you will be getting years of use from it that they include a three year warranty as standard. Add to this you get with all Blendtec blenders with seven year warranty and you know that you are dealing with a brand you can trust.
  • The powerful motor that works the jar’s blade will be able to make short work of anything you want to blend. A lot of motors on cheaper machines are quite low wattage which means that they do not have the cutting capability.

What is the Spectacula?

The Spectacula is the patented spatula that has been designed for use with the Twister. It is exactly the length needed to get to every part of the jar so you never lose any of the tasty blend you have created. Like the jar it is easy to clean and made from tough materials that will prolong its life so you can use it every day. The black and red design match the Twister which makes it look even more attractive in your kitchen.

You can go ahead and use a regular spatula with this jar, but why bother when you can use a Blendtec Twister Jar coupon, discount or promo code to save money and get the Spectacula included!

How to use the Twister

Before you buy the Twister Blender jar you will want to know how to use it. Don’t worry the operating instructions are incredibly simple and a lot of fun too:

  • Decide on the shake, soup, dip or snack you want to make and add the ingredients into the jar.
  • Put on the Twister lid – this will create a tight seal to stop any ingredients from spilling out.
  • Now twist the lid of the jar in a counter clockwise direction. It is important that you have the blend cycle running at this point.
  • Continue to twist and blend until you have reached the thickness of food that you want.
  • It really is that easy to use!

How Does it Work?

As you are twisting the jar it will start to force all of the ingredients inside away from the jar sides and onto the blade. By doing this the Twister ensures that there are no bits or lumps of ingredients that are hiding away in your blend. This is an all too common problem with cheaper and one that is very annoying.

So for the smoothest, tastiest blends around the Blendtec Twister jar will give you what you want time and time again.


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