Honest Blendtec Wildside Jar Review

Anyone who is into making healthy smoothies, shakes, soups and so on will have heard of Blendtec. This is a company that makes some of the best in the world. They have a large range of products that have all been designed to make life easier in the kitchen. Not only do their products look great, they are powerful enough to be used daily to create a wide range of different food and drinks. You might have noticed that there are several different types of jars that can be used with these blenders and the Wildside Jar is one of the most popular. So let’s find out a little bit more about it and what it can do for you.


Blendtec Wildside Jar





This Jar is one of the products in the range. It was designed to give you even better blending capabilities by using a specially patented jar with five sides. These sides allow the contents of the unit to move around freely, which helps the blending process. Unlike many of the other jars that are used in other blending machines you will find that this one does what you need it to in seconds, not minutes.

Benefits of this Jar

So if you buy the Total Blender Wildside version what are the benefits that you can expect?

  • Better blending thanks to the unique five sided jar that will help to create a blending vortex that will make short work of any task that you set it. If you have ever used a poor quality before you will probably have noticed clumps of food that get missed by the blades. Obviously you are looking for a well blended result when you use a kitchen product like this, uneven and poorly blended food will not do. So make sure you choose a product that has a good jar.
  • A wingtip blade that is cold forged and patented for use only with this series which is almost 4 inches long. This makes blending even easier as the blade can reach more of the contents while in use. It will also help to speed up your time spent in the kitchen as it can handle anything.
  • The Designer Series Wildside is shorter than many competitors jars which makes it much more stable when it is use.
  • The design of the jar is ergonomic which makes it much easier to handle.
  • The jar can be poured in one of three ways which makes it even more convenient to use.
  • The jar has a Gripper lid which will vent pressure when you are using it to blend hot liquids for added safety. The lid also features an opening in the middle which is ideal for pouring extra liquids or other ingredients into the jar.
  • You can use this jar with any of the Blendtec units that are on the market right now. So if you thought you would have to use a particular model with this type of jar you need to think again. It is the simplicity and ease of use of products that keeps people coming back time and time again.

Use the Spoonula

As well as being able to use this fantastic jar with any other products you also get another product – the Spoonula. This might sound like a strange item but it is actually essential for getting all of the contents from a jar. If you have only ever used a traditional spatula you need to get ready for a new experience.

Regular spatulas tend to be flat with no way of scooping – you will use more of a scooping action when you use this utensil. With a Spoonula you are getting all of the benefits of a spatula combined with a spoon. This means that you will never leave anything in the blender jar ever again. So if you are the sort of person that hates to waste any food, this is for you!

You will find that when it comes to comparing the Wildside vs Fourside Jar the Spoonula will cope with both with ease.

Amazing Blends Every Time!

As you can see you will experience amazing blends every time when you try out this product for yourself. To get your hands on one you need to check out the Wildside sale where you can find all of the products from this brand. Not only can you browse all of the items that make you can also find out more about the brand itself.

If you want to take your blending to the next level and create healthy snacks, meals, soups and drinks for yourself this is ideal. You can mix, blend, puree, pulse and more and as the jar has a unique design doing all of this will take a matter of seconds. So no more waiting in the kitchen!

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